The National Cancer Institute’s Clinical Trials Innovation Unit

H&O  What is the National Cancer Institute’s (NCI’s) Clinical Trials Innovation Unit (CTIU), why was it established, and what are its goals? MJM  The CTIU is […]

New Strategies for Dose Optimization in Oncology: Insights From Targeted Small-Molecule Therapies for Metastatic or Advanced Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer

H&O What types of tyrosine kinase inhibitors are used to treat metastatic or advanced non–small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)? GS There are 2 broad categories of […]

Is the Use of Progression-Free Survival a Valid Endpoint for Trials of Drug Combinations in Oncology?

H&O  What are the goals of treatment in cancer, and have they changed over the years? IT  The ultimate goals of treatment of any disease are […]

Emerging Targets in Kidney Cancer: Opportunities for Drug Development

H&O  How common is kidney cancer? WS  Kidney cancer, also known as renal cancer, is an unusual—although perhaps not rare—cancer. There are approximately 76,000 new cases […]

Talking to the FDA About Dose Optimization and the Aims of Project Optimus

H&O  What is Project Optimus, and what prompted the creation of this project? MT  Project Optimus is a new initiative from the Oncology Center of Excellence […]

Barriers to Adherence to Oral Drug Regimens in Oncology and Strategies for Improvement

H&O  How common are oral drugs in oncology? JB  Approximately 25% to 35% of the drugs currently used in oncology are administered orally. Most of the […]

Refining Dosing Strategies: Lessons From Singapore’s Health Care System

H&O  Could you provide an overview of the health care system in Singapore? BCG  The health care system in Singapore is centered on 2 basic tenets. […]

A Patient’s Perspective on Long-Term Toxicities Associated With Cancer Treatment

H&O What are the challenges in measuring long-term toxicities among patients with cancer? PS  Many toxicities occur throughout cancer care and cancer treatment. During active treatment, […]

Current and Future Uses of Digital Pathology in Oncology

H&O What is digital pathology? AP  Digital pathology entails the digitizing of standard diagnostic pathologic information and decentralization of pathologic review. For example, pathologists may be […]

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy Plus Checkpoint Blockade in Thoracic Cancers

H&O How has immunotherapy impacted outcome in thoracic cancers? PA  In the past 5 years, knowledge of immunology in thoracic cancers has greatly improved. The results […]

The FDA’s Patient-Focused Drug Development Initiative

H&O What is patient-focused drug development (PFDD)? PK  Essentially, PFDD is taking the patient into account throughout the entire drug development process. There are many things […]

Pack-Splitting to Improve Cost-Effectiveness of Oral Agents in Oncology

  H&O  What is the rationale behind the investigation of alternative dosing strategies of oral agents in oncology? RDH  There are 2 key drivers of the […]

Incorporating Preemptive Pharmacogenomic Testing Into the Clinical Setting

  H&O  What is preemptive pharmacogenomic testing? PO  Preemptive pharmacogenomic testing refers to germline genetic testing that is performed before administration of a certain drug to […]

Insights Into Drug Development Using Nanotechnology

  H&O  What is the objective of your laboratory? JG  Overall, the objective is to improve therapy and imaging for patients with cancer through clinically translatable […]

Strategies to Overcome Resistance to PD-1 Inhibitors

H&O  How do programmed death 1 (PD-1) inhibitors work? TG  There is a growing list of antibodies that target either the PD-1 receptor or the ligand […]

Inclusion of Biopsies in Clinical Trials of Oncology Drugs

  H&O  What is the role of biopsies in clinical care vs clinical trials? AT The biggest distinction is that in clinical care, a patient will […]

Advances in the Development of Vaccines and Other Immunotherapies for Multiple Myeloma 

  H&O  What types of immune-based therapies are in development for multiple myeloma? DA Immunotherapy is an important area in multiple myeloma, and this field encompasses […]

Targeting the KRAS G12C Mutation in Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors

  H&O  What is the KRAS G12C mutation? DH RAS mutations are one of the most common mutations in cancer (after the P53 mutation). Estimates suggest […]

How Biosimilars Will Impact Costs and Care in Oncology

  H&O  How does a biosimilar compare to a biologic therapy or a generic formulation? GL To start, it is necessary to distinguish biologic molecules from […]

A Rational Approach to the Development of Drug Combinations in Thoracic Oncology

H&O  What is the typical approach to the development of drug combinations in oncology? DRC  In clinical trials, drug combinations can reflect several scenarios. A trial […]