Letter From the Editor: Empty Nest

Spring is here, which means graduation time, among other things. My youngest daughter is about to graduate from college and will be home briefly for the […]

Letter From the Editor: Taking Leave

Over the past two years, two of my younger male colleagues have experienced the birth of their first child. These were wonderful times that brightened the […]

Breakthroughs in Cancer Care

On rare occasions, we witness a true breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. I remember when Druker and colleagues published their phase 1 results with imatinib […]

Letter From the Editor: My Ongoing Debate

Some would argue that the first tenet of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is to “watch and wait” until patients have an indication for treatment. This tenet […]

Letter From the Editor: Doctors Without Boundaries

I was on vacation, it was 10 pm, and we were on our way home from dinner when I noticed that my cell phone had shut off. […]

From the Mundane to the Absurd

My family was downsizing our belongings, so I went to the Spectrum store to return a cable modem, cable box, and router that we no longer […]

Letter From the Editor: Dog Traits

Mojo, our family dog, passed away last month. Losing her made me realize what a valuable emotional support she had been for our family. As our […]

Letter From the Editor: I Wish I Knew . . .

On April 6, 2023, AbbVie announced its intent to voluntarily withdraw its accelerated approval for ibrutinib in mantle cell lymphoma and marginal zone lymphoma in the […]

Letter From the Editor: How Do We Celebrate—and Survive—Increasing Survival?

As I approach my 25th year in oncology practice, I think back to when I started and the remarkable expansion since then of treatment options for […]

Letter From the Editor: Informed Consent?

This month, I continue my series of letters on thought-provoking clinical scenarios that have arisen during my time on the inpatient lymphoma service. The subject of […]

Letter From the Editor: Clinical Research Under Siege

Over the last three years, many of us who work in clinical research have felt an increased strain on our fragile infrastructures. I am tempted to […]

Letter From the Editor: Too Much?

As previously mentioned, I want to continue sharing some of the thought-provoking and relevant clinical scenarios that arise during my time on the inpatient lymphoma service.  […]

Letter From the Editor: How We Win Against Cancer

Doctors frequently rely on metaphors to communicate complicated and technical biological concepts to patients. For cancer treatment, the metaphor of a battle or war has been […]

Letter From the Editor: The Third Tier

I recently completed another two-week rotation on the lymphoma service at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medicine, which always provides me with much food for thought. Many topics of […]

Letter From the Editor: Computational Faith

I have always had great reverence for our colleagues in biostatistics. Whether my reverence derives from the limitations of my own statistical training or from the […]

Letter From the Editor: There Has to Be a God . . .

Evolution is described as the ultimate and inevitable result of random mutations occurring over successive generations, leading to functional improvements in organisms that provide a survival […]


In this issue you will find a thoughtful and sobering essay by Drs Anthony Galanos and Matthew Labriola, my colleagues at Duke, called “How We Manage […]

I Think the FDA Got It Wrong …

We have experienced a string of great successes in clinical therapeutics for CLL over the past several years, both in the number of novel therapies approved […]

Letter From the Editor: Divide and Conquer, Cancer

Returning from the 2022 ASCO Annual Meeting in June, I felt a sense of renewal. Although attendance was clearly down from years past, 30,000 people registered […]

Letter From the Editor: Debate, Argument, or Discussion?

At a recent debate on the treatment of CLL, I was going head-to-head with a colleague regarding whether BTK inhibitors or venetoclax should be first-line therapy. […]