Refining Dosing Strategies: Lessons From Singapore’s Health Care System

H&O  Could you provide an overview of the health care system in Singapore? BCG  The health care system in Singapore is centered on 2 basic tenets. […]

The Development of Endoxifen for Breast Cancer

  H&O  Could you please describe how tamoxifen works, and its history as a treatment for breast cancer? MG  Tamoxifen is a selective estrogen receptor modulator […]

Research in Drug Development for Advanced Prostate Cancer

  H&O  What are the standard approaches for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer? ME There are several treatments approved by the US Food and Drug […]

Drug Development for Rare Cancers in Children

  H&O  How is a rare cancer defined? LG  Approximately 1.6 million cases of cancer are diag­nosed each year in the United States. The US Food […]

Barriers to the Development of Drugs for Primary Brain Tumors

  H&O  What are the most common types of primary brain tumors? SC  The most common types are meningioma, tumors that arise in the lining of […]

Challenges in Drug Development for Children

H&O  How common is cancer in children? PA  In the United States, there are approximately 14,500 new cases of cancer diagnosed each year in children from […]

The Seamless Approach to Drug Development in Oncology

  H&O  What are some drawbacks to the 3-phase approach to drug development? RP  A major drawback to the conventional 3-phase program is that a stop […]

The I-SPY Approach to Drug Development

Clinical Advances in Hematology & Oncology October 2016, Volume 14, Issue 10 Laura Esserman, MD, MBA Professor, Departments of Surgery and Radiology Affiliate Faculty, Institute for […]