Neoadjuvant Therapy for Melanoma: New and Evolving Concepts

Abstract: Effective systemic therapies, including targeted BRAF/MEK inhibition and immune checkpoint blockade, have significantly changed the treatment landscape for malignant melanoma. Specifically, there have been promising […]

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and Completion Lymph Node Dissection in Melanoma

H&O  When is sentinel lymph node biopsy indicated in melanoma? MR  It should be stated at the outset that the major motivation for studying the role […]

Local and Regional Therapy for Primary and Locally Recurrent Melanoma

Abstract: In the vast majority of cases, cutaneous melanoma pre-sents as localized disease and is treated with wide excision and sentinel lymph node biopsy, with shared […]

The Use of Molecular Testing at a Diagnosis of Melanoma

  H&O  What are the limitations of using traditional clinical and pathologic factors to assess melanoma risk? VS  We know that on occasion—in perhaps 5% to […]

Reversing Resistance to Checkpoint Inhibitors and Targeted Therapy in Metastatic Melanoma

  H&O  How often do patients with metastatic melanoma experience primary or secondary resistance to checkpoint inhibitors? MS  An estimated 40% to 50% of patients with […]

The Standard of Care for Brain Metastases in Melanoma

  H&O  Why is it so important to have new treatments for patients with brain metastases in melanoma? HT  Melanoma is highly curable when it presents […]

The Newest Treatments for Uveal Melanoma 

  H&O  What are the most important differences between uveal melanoma and cutaneous melanoma? JL  Uveal melanoma and cutaneous melanoma are very different diseases. The most […]

The Future of Combination Treatment With Checkpoint Inhibitors in Melanoma

  H&O  What dual checkpoint blockade regimens have been approved for use in metastatic melanoma? RS  So far, the only approved option is the combination of […]

The Current Role of Intralesional Therapy in Advanced Melanoma

  H&O  Which patients with melanoma are potential candidates for intralesional therapy? RA  To undergo intralesional therapy, patients must have injectable lesions, which may be dermal, […]

Immunotherapy in the Adjuvant Setting for High-Risk Melanoma

  H&O  Which patients with melanoma are at elevated risk for a recurrence after surgical resection? JW  A patient at elevated risk is one whose 5-year […]

Does Adjuvant Therapy for High-Risk Melanoma With Either Immunotherapy or Targeted Therapy Affect Therapeutic Choices at Relapse?

  H&O  What are the main treatments used for adjuvant therapy in melanoma? MP  The drugs that have received approval from the US Food and Drug […]

Targeted Therapy for the Adjuvant Treatment of Stage III BRAF-Mutated Melanoma

  H&O  What is considered the standard adjuvant treatment for stage III BRAF-mutated melanoma?  GL  The standard treatment for patients with stage III BRAF-mutated melanoma after […]

In the Pipeline: Encorafenib and Binimetinib in BRAF-Mutated Melanoma

  H&O  What makes the BRAF inhibitor encorafenib plus the MEK inhibitor binimetinib a good combination for use in BRAF-mutated melanoma? KF  Like other combinations of […]

The Microbiome: A Basis for Novel Immunomodulation in Mice and Men

  H&O  Why does immunotherapy work better in some patients with melanoma than in others? HZ  We are still unsure about that, but we are working […]

The Best Treatments to Use After Checkpoint Inhibition in Melanoma

H&O  Which patients with melanoma are candidates for checkpoint inhibition? GM  All patients with unresectable metastatic melanoma—stage IV and unresectable stage III disease—are candidates for checkpoint […]

Is There a Role for Single-Agent BRAF Inhibition in Melanoma?

  H&O  What makes BRAF inhibition a good approach to the treatment of melanoma? BC  BRAF inhibitors, especially when combined with MEK inhibitors, are an excellent […]

Is There a Role for Single-Agent MEK Inhibition in Melanoma?

H&O  Which MEK inhibitors have been approved for use in melanoma? DJ  The US Food and Drug Administration has approved 2 MEK inhibitors for use in […]

Update on the Treatment of Uveal Melanoma

  H&O  How common is uveal melanoma, including metastatic uveal melanoma? RC Uveal melanoma is rare, with an incidence of approximately 5 cases per million people […]

What Is Optimal First-Line Treatment of Unresectable or Advanced BRAF-Mutant Melanoma?

H&O  How common are BRAF mutations in patients with melanoma? MA Approximately 50% of patients with melanoma have a V600E or V600K mutation in BRAF, each […]

Tumor and T-Cell Metabolism: New Insights Into Melanoma Therapy

H&O What is the definition of tumor and T-cell metabolism as it applies to cancer? GD The term metabolism is defined as the set of pathways […]