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Strategies to Manage Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Manish R. Sharma, MD

  H&O  How common is chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy? MS Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is almost universal with certain neurotoxic drugs. Two types of therapies are classically […]

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Prognostic and Therapeutic Implications of DNA Repair Gene Mutations in Advanced Prostate Cancer

  Abstract: Recent work directed toward understanding the molecular features of advanced prostate cancers has revealed a relatively high incidence of both germline and somatic alterations […]


New Frontiers and Therapeutic Advances for Metastatic Adenocarcinoma and Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: Focus on Evidence-Based Approaches to Optimizing PFS in Pancreatic NET and Survival Extension in Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Supplement 13 Proceedings From a Live Symposium October 14, 2017 • New York, New York New Strategies, Guidelines, and Therapeutic Advances for the Comprehensive Continuum of […]

Highlights in Lymphoma From the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting and the 14th International Conference on Malignant Lymphoma

Supplement 11 A Review of Selected Presentations From the 2017 ASCO Annual Meeting • June 2-6, 2017 • Chicago, Illinois and the 14th ICML • June […]

Frontline Management of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Supplement 10 How I Treat Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: An Expert Perspective on Frontline Management Richard R. Furman, MD Director of the CLL Research Center Weill Cornell […]